16 June 2018

Russian news outlets dominate on Twitter in the Russian Commonwealth - but media in smaller nations, including Moldova or Kyrgyzstan, are far more effective in controlling their domestic markets.
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7 May 2018

An interview with Umar Cheema, an investigative journalist working with The News in Pakistan
By TechBrain
30 April 2018

More people read more news on mobile phones. That doesn’t mean that they get more informed.
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Public Media in Denmark
By Marius Dragomir
26 March 2018

Political enemies of Denmark’s public broadcaster DR are hatching plans to crop the station’s budget. A bellicose commercial media industry is going to bat for them.
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Head Honchos
By Marius Dragomir
12 February 2018

One businessman has managed to bring both the state structures and big business in Bulgaria under his tight control. Media was a key piece of that puzzle.
By Marius Dragomir
29 January 2018
A business group with far-right affinities buys The Nation, one of Thailand’s most respectable newspapers. This means that independent reporting is now likely to be whittled away.
The Hot Potato
By Elaine Diaz Rodriguez
8 February 2018

Cuba’s Constitution prohibits private media. Nevertheless, more than a dozen media outlets outside state control have unfolded in the country since the beginning of the century.



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